5G in India ? official update

5G in India

5G in India …?

When 5g internet coming in India?

Friends, almost all of us are wait for 5g phone for a long time. Different-different 5g phone comes in India. Friends, I went go to Airtel center for trial and we saw that the internet speed in there is more than 1gbps.

The interesting thing is that India’s first 5G phone Realme X50 Pro was launched in February 2020 itself. It has been more than one and a half year but till now 5G net is not available in India. Lots of 5G phones in India right now. The company launches different 5g phones But still no idea related to when 5G will come?

5G in India

An update has come from the Telecom Ministry of India. It seems from the update that 5G is coming very soon in India. Telecom Minister Shri Ashwani Vaishnaw has said that the option of 5G spectrum is going to happen in February 2022.Those people are also trying that work should be done in January itself, currently 5G is being tested.

So many  spectrum was put in many places for 5G trials by companies like Jio and Airtel. Different-different things are being optimized for testing 5G accordingly it seems that by the month of May or June of 2022, people will have their own 5G internet as it may take some time to set up this spectrum after being available all over India due to which it may take two to four months.

Price of internet in India

India has the cheapest internet available in whole world, there is no country where have such cheap internet is available.

4G network is not slow in India They are after 5G but same people now they are holding their head, they regret that they have already bought 5G phone before 5G network came But the good news is comes from official news of Telecom Ministry of India that telecom companies are going to get relief with their reforms package, many of their problems seem to be solved until 5G spectrum comes in India.


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