France Issue with America & Australia


France-Issue with America & Australia

Friends, there has been a very big issue  no one had expected this thing, the case of a submarine will reach to such a point that the relations which are 200 years old come on the verge of breaking, in fact the whole matter started on 16 September , Australia wants to buy submarine from France, the price of this deal was $ 80 billion, which is a huge amount, the budget of India’s three armies for one year, which is $ 70 billion, Australia wanted to buy a submarine worth 10 billion more than it.

Australia was talking to France’s Naval Group about this since 2016, but Australia was not happy with this research because the France was saying that we will start delivery to you after 2030,

while Australia’s demand was that China continues to threaten  Australia has been attacking, so we will need submarines within the coming three to four years, but in the meantime what happened that suddenly there was an entry of America and UK, then they told Australia that from 2025 we will start delivery to you, now Australia  Liked this deal, he gave this deal to America and UK

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This made France very angry because first of all there was a huge loss for France, which is $ 80 billion is a very big amount, it is not a small amount, it is twice the defense budget of France, there was a big amount suddenly one night  Inside, this money has gone out of the hands of France.

Now France is angry with this fact, France is saying that Australia did not inform us even once before giving this deal, while America is also being told this from France’s side.  That you have also stabbed us in the back, you should have asked us once before making this deal, we are friends, friends do not do this with each other, but this anger has increased further, France said that like stabbing in the back  The work is we had built a trusting relationship with Australia but they have betrayed us not only that Joe Biden wants to sabotage the defense deals of former President Donald Trump

France has its ambassador who was in America and Australia  He was called back, not only that, anger inside France is too much.


 It is going that it may even come that for some time France will break all its relations with America because at this time there is a lot of pressure on French President Emmanuel Macau to teach America some lesson, not only this inside France  There is also talk that now France should also come out of NATO and which should build alliance with other big regional power such as India

What is America saying US President Joe Biden has announced on Wednesday that  A new alliance will be prepared for the deal, under which Australia, Britain and America will form a new alliance, through which the three countries will be seen sharing new defense technologies with each other, America also said that we will not let the relations break 200 years old. 

We are concerned with France and France has brought our oldest, we are trying our best here to persuade France but for now the report that France is not ready to accept at all


more update coming soon……….

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